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Our Teachers   

 Karin Ray 

Karin Ray has a BFA in Music and Theater from Florida State University.  She also received her Juris Doctor from FSU.  Karin has performed in and around New York for 10 years before moving back to South Florida where she practiced law before joining ASM as a teacher and administrator.  She has recently taken over the running of ASM and is enjoying the balancing act of business and her first love, teaching children.

 Mr. Bob 

Robert Martorella studied drums for four years with Ed Barrow. Played in McNicol Junior High School band. Became captain of South Broward High School band under the direction of Ed Parsons. Began professional career while in high school with later-renowned bass player Jaco Pastorius. Attended the Combs College of Music in Philadelphia. Recorded first single with group Scorpion “Can’t Get Blood From a  Stone” and flipside “I’m Only Human”. Won Battle of the Bands contest with Latin disco group Viva. Prize awarded was seven-week tour of Germany. Worked with KC and the Sunshine Band whose many highlights include playing with Jimmy Bo Horne on “You Get Me Hot” on the program Soul Train. Co-writer/performer on drums, keyboards, vocals and percussion on album “Miami Nights” by Audiodacity with ASM instructor James Bellamy.  Member of the Chuck Shaeffer band. From 1996 to present ASM music instructor on drums and keyboards. Favorite pastimes aside from teaching include spending time with grandchildren, watching and rooting for home team sporting events.

At the age of 9, Deanna started playing piano when she attended ASM, along with her brother who took guitar. Throughout middle and high school, she attended magnet schools while continuing to pursue her studies in both piano and chorus. She graduated both high school and ASM in 1999. After graduation she attended Broward Community College followed by Florida Atlantic University augmenting her talent and skills with voice lessons. In 2001, she began her teaching career at ASM and then earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from FAU in 2005. Deanna brings all of her academic and practical experience to continue to teaching piano and mentoring at ASM today.


 Deanna Georgieff 



Rosario Archer, affectionately known as "Charito," has been associated with ASM since 1977.  Originally an ASM student (8 years), she studied first the accordion and later guitar and keyboard before going off to college for allied health professions in dental hygiene, athletic training and nursing. But her relationship with ASM never wavered. Over the past 42 years she has returned annually to judge the ASM Music Festival. She returned to teach at ASM for a period of time in 1997 and again in 2017 until the present.  Although her career as a medical professional has dominated her time, her heart has always kept her attached to her music, community theater at the Pelican Playhouse in Miami Springs, and her Christ Journey Church drama team. She enjoys the outdoors, dancing and missionary work. She is dedicated to her husband (who also grew up at ASM ) and family and believes in helping others." As fellow humans we are here to lock elbows and get through life together." She loves her students and thoroughly enjoys being a part of their musical  journey.


Justin is a former student from ASM Cooper City and has 20+ years of experience being a musician. He has attended the Broward College music program and have gone on 5 nationwide tours including Vans Warped Tour. He's also have been teaching guitar and drums since high school and enjoys giving his students a fun, challenging curriculum. Some of his favorite things to do outside of music are to go to the gym, play video games, watch movies and sports, photography or read anything about science and history.

 Justin Trudeau 


 Jannette Valdes 

 Jannette Valdes is a keyboard instructor at the ASM Music School since 2008. She obtained her Bachelors’ degree in Music in 2002 from the “Instituto Superior de Arte” in Havana, Cuba. She majored in Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance. Throughout her career, she has been a pianist accompanist at the “Instituto Superior de Arte” and a member of the prestigious Ars Longa Early Music Ensemble. Jannette was also part of the Cuban National Choir in which she was a soprano singer. In addition, she conducted many children and adults’ vocal ensembles and was a teacher at the Cuban National Music School. As a musician, Jannette had the opportunity to travel the world and visit many places such as Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Martinique, and Guadalupe, participating in different international festivals and contests.  

 Naidet Garcia 

Born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Music in 2011 from the "Higher Institute of Arts”, Majored in French Horn. In 2004, she joined the Havana's Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet as second horn, becoming principal player of the french horn section two years later. In 2009, she joined the National Symphonic Orchestra of Cuba. Furthermore, she has played with various chamber music orchestras, woodwind quintets and other small ensembles. Throughout her career, she has participated in the recording of several albums including classical and popular music and ballets, such as "Sleeping Beauty", "Don Quixote" and "Giselle"; and also has traveled in national and international tours (Moscow, United States, Mexico), participating in festivals and concerts.

John Morishita

John is a former student at ASM.  He knew he wanted to be a pianist at the age of six and was enrolled at ASM when he turned eight.  He became an accomplished pianist and thanks his ASM teachers for shaping his music aptitude.  John has been a teacher at ASM for 20 years and is an outstanding instructor, giving back to hundreds of students over the years.  "Your potential is a fantasy until YOU make it a reality."

 Leonard Perry 

Len is a graduate and former Professor from The Berklee College of Music.  Len has been a guitar and bass teacher at ASM for 24 years.  In addition to teaching, Len performs professionally as a soloist and as a member of several bands in and around the South Florida area.


 Jonathan Goode 

Jonathan is a former student of ASM Music Schools from 1987-1998 and has been a music teacher and band director in South Florida for over 25 years.  Jon attended the University of Miami and received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  Jon has worked as a piano/keyboard performer, live sound and recording engineer with several artists, bands and production groups over the years.

 Eloy Oliveros 

After being a member of the National Concert Band of Cuba for eight years, Mr. Oliveros came to the United States, where he continues his career not only as a teacher, but also as a musician, performing in over forty different countries.  As a member of the ASM family since 2014, Mr. Oliveros shows his students how dedication and well-directed effort are the paving stones on the road to the wonderful world of music!

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